Heartland FAQ

Heartland is our approved credit card processor. You no longer need to do business in fear of your processor being shut down due to bus


Are you approved for land?

Yes, we spent 6+ months with underwriters explaining your business model.

Why is land deemed high risk by Heartland?

We have no profile on this business type, or chargeback history, so they have deemed it high risk.

What does my website need on it?

All 4 Card Brand Logos, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy & Terms and Conditions. I have sample policies to provide if needed.

What website platforms work best with Heartland?

Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Custom Websites. Most website builders and free solutions limit your capabilities.

What templates work with Heartland?

You need an ecommerce template. Something setup to handle payments and the checkout process. I am seeing a lot of websites that are just listing templates and not setup to handle ecommerce. Very important to get a template that is built on the correct framework to handle payments.

What do I get with Heartland?

Mobile App, Virtual Terminal and ecommerce solution.

Do you have something for invoices?

No, Heartland abandoned all invoice features almost 2 years ago because of security and the ability to receive timely and secure payments. If you wish to have something for invoices, we have some workarounds depending on your website platform. We only support recurring and real time payments out of the box.


Plan 1

Interchange + $85/mo: No processing history/new business. Once volume gets above $4k/mo, $85 fee can be removed or reduced. Looking for 3 months of history before this fee can be removed. $85 fee is Heartlands markup.

Plan 2

Interchange + $25/mo + .90%: Need 3+ Months of processing history with greater than $4k in monthly processing. No contract/month to month.

Plan 3

Interchange + .90%: Same as above, but 3 year contract. Cancellation fee is $295, but removes the monthly fee of $25/mo. If you are going to use Heartland for more than a year, it is worth signing the contract.

Shopping Cart/Ecommerce

$75 one-time setup fee + $15/mo

*Interchange is the cost the card brands charge a processor for processing a payment. Interchange rates are from .05%-2.5% per transaction. You pay what the card cost to process. 

Sample Pricing Comparison Heartland vs. Stripe

$10,000 in debit card payments

Stripe: $290 in fees

Heartland: $95 in fees

Even if you were on Plan 1 or Plan 2, your fees are still significantly lower with Heartland as compared to Stripe.

Shopping Carts and Platforms that are Compatible (27+ platforms supported)


Custom Developed Solutions (If you can dream it, you can develop it)


Setting up Wordpress Shopping Cart Video


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