How am I billed for RealQuest downloads?

We bill RealQuest data/records downloaded every Tuesday using the credit card we have on file.

When you are pulling records, you can get pretty far before you are at the point where you pay for them. After you put in your search parameters and hit “continue” it will bring up your records. This is one place where you can scrub your data if you would like to. Then once you hit continue, you are taken to the screen where you can export the data. This is where if you continue past this and export your data, you will be charged. The program is still the same as when Steven goes through it in the Cash Flow from Land program, so some people find it helpful to look back and re-watch this section. 

Other a la carte items:

When using RealQuest to look up specific properties there are other things that you can purchase, such as vesting deeds and parcel/plat maps. Those are billed directly by RealQuest and they will ask you to enter your credit card at that time. 

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