LandInvestors Online Community and Deal Board

LandInvestors is Land Academy’s own communication forum. You can post new questions, search for past tips, and collaborate with other members and the Land Academy team. Many members have even posted their own video tutorials to help other members. LandInvestors should be your first step for any questions.
If the email address that you signed up for Membership with is the same one associated with your LandInvestors account, then you will automatically be made a Silver (pro) 

member in LandInvestors. If you used a different email account, then you will need to email with your account information so that it can be upgraded. If you do not yet have a LandInvestors account, please email us with your account information once created.
Silver Member Level status will give you access to the DealBoard, recorded calls, and certain forums.
You will receive an invitation from HootBoard in a separate email. You must accept that invitation in order to view the DealBoard. The DealBoard can be accessed in LandInvestors by selecting the DealBoard tab while logged in to your PRO upgraded account, or from HootBoard.

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