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TitlePro 24/7 

Nationwide access to TitlePro24/7 (an extended version of AgentPro 24/7) is provided as an additional resource to further expand your property/data research tools – including GPS coordinates and comes with Silver level Membership and above.

You have access to every area of this product which includes quite a bit of free information. We provide each user with ten (10) free Property Reports (GPS coordinates found here) and three (3) free Online Record downloads (i.e. vesting deeds) per month. Additional items can be purchased directly online via the Premium Reports and Premium Leads sections and payable through TitlePro’s Data Dollars.
To get started:
1. Go to LandAcademy.com/member-tools/
2. Watch the 3-minute login training video found from this page under: Header: “Member Tools”, underneath is sub header: “Data”, below select “In Depth Training Videos” and choose the video named: “TitlePro247
New Account Creation and Login.” It is imperative that you watch the full video before logging in for the first time.
3. After watching the new account creation video return to Member Tools page and select: TitlePro 24/7 Member Access
4. Enter your unique login
5. Follow the steps in the video to create your new account name, password, etc.

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