RealQuest Login

RealQuest Pro - Login / Change password

Grab your username and password from your Land Academy Member DashBoard. 
First time login note: please be sure you change your password to make it more unique. Steps to change your password are as follows:
1. After logging in, click on “My Preferences.”
2. Choose the radio button that says “General.”
3. Click “Change Password for the current username logged in.”
4. Follow the prompts to change your password.
Full nationwide coverage is included with Silver and higher level membership. Property records downloaded are billed automatically either a day, a week or a month at the rate specified upon sign-up (.08 or .10 cents per record downloaded). You can search property info, view number of records available, etc., all for free until you actually download the specific ownership information.
Additional training via tutorials on how to use this product are available on our YouTube channel and elsewhere here in the knowledge base.

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