What products / sites are part of Land Academy?

A list of our current sites are as follows:

  • LandInvestors.com ( formerly successplant.com )  – Access to membership pro tools and the land investment community forum with the free member dashboard - the gateway to all the resources below.
  • LandPin.com – Rock Bottom Priced Land. A specialized eMarket for land acquisitions & sales for re-sellers.
  • LandAcademy.comNew investors are not alone in their real estate ambition.
  • ParcelFact.com – 3 clicks to parcel location. State, County, APN = the mapped location plus all of the facts about that parcel directly from the County Assessor's Database. (not just for land)
  • CountyWise.com - Comprehensive County Resources including contact information for government and private vendors (i.e. subdivision consultants, photographers, drone operators, local title plants, attorneys and everything in between).
  • LandTank.com – Get funded with “money people” who understand land investment. Money Investors must have transaction experience so they complete our land investor's transactions conscientiously .

For all property types, not just land.

  • Offers2Owners.com – Send unsolicited offers to property owners. Done correctly, it yields consistent and predictable results.
    • RealQuest Pro, TitlePro, Letterstream for half the price charged if you signed up individually.  We are licensed providers.
  • DeedPerfect.com – Create your own "ready-to-record" deeds in minutes.
  • YouTube.com/LandAcademy  – Founders Steve Butala & Jill DeWit talk about their deals daily on their syndicated podcast.
  • HouseAcademy.com - Data, tools & strategy to complete wholesale house transactions.

More to come based on member specific requests and suggestions.

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