Can all this outbound direct mail saturate any specific county?

What if a lot of Land Academy Members inadvertently send offers to owners in the same county at the same time for the same price?

I (Steven) asked myself that question when Jill and I opened Land Academy to the public. And now, after years working with our members, the answer is clear. No. 

I have not spoken with a single owner of land who received more than one "offer" to purchase their property (who was not in tax default status with the county). 


1) Our membership levels are capped as to the number of members allowed. 2) Tax-defaulted property gets over mailed (all types including houses and commercial property). Our members do not concentrate on distressed asset acquisitions.

3) Using data to correctly price offers to owners, makes all mailing campaigns unique.

4) Most investors mail postcards to " express their interest" in acquiring an owners property. This only serves as a "warm-up" for when the owner receives a "real" offer from of a Land Investor member.

5) Free your mind of this question. After your first correct mail campaign, you will see for yourself how many sellers sign your offers and mail them back, or call you back and this question will be answered for you once and for all. 

Address this question or any questions, on the Land Investors Forum.

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