Does property (land) flipping really work?

Yes, property flipping has proven itself to be a lucrative investment time and time again. We have completed 15,000+ documented purchases and sales of property since 1999. You need professional grade education, tools, and support. Land Academy provides all three in a no-stone-left-unturned approach, and all of the tools we use every day are made available to our members. So yes, property flipping works as long as you have the education and tools to succeed.

I encourage you to ask any and all questions that are on your mind in the Land Investors forum. Here are some examples: Does this really work? How long does it take to complete your first deal? Does this work in X county? What's the catch? Why would Steven share all this information if it really works? Wouldn't he just generate a ton of equity quietly if it really worked? The forum is where our active members collaborate on deals and information. Your questions get answered with sincerity and transparency.

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