Can I get one-on-one consulting with Jill?

Many members also wish to do consulting with Jill, and tap into her specific expertise. Consulting with Jill is available to Land & House Academy members for a discounted rate. This can be scheduled here for the discounted rate of $400 for thirty minutes. 
First, you will need to “check out” for the consulting. After submitting the page, you will book a time slot with Jill that fits your needs. When you are doing the booking, make sure you include all of the information necessary for the call, and any questions or topics you would like to discuss with Jill. 
After submitting, watch for contact from Jill at your scheduled time! Some topics that Jill would love to talk to you about are: dealing with sellers, buyers, city/county representatives, creating options deals, running a business, and other support/guidance questions. You can also reach Jill’s Consulting from the LandAcademy (or HouseAcademy) website by hovering over “Tools” then “Education” and selecting the “Jill Consulting” option.

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