How do I submit a deal to Steven to see if he wants to complete it with us?

At any given time we are completing several hundred transactions on our own. Members can submit deals to Land Academy to see if Steven would like to partner on it as well!

You can submit deals HERE.

Also, if you're a Land Academy member, you should post it on LandTank! That way, fellow members can partner and fund your deals as well!

Make sure that you make it clear that you are looking to partner a deal, and include the state, county, GPS coordinates, APN, acreage, purchase price, budgeted sale price, and any other pertinent information. Any submissions lacking vital information will not be reviewed. LandAcademy will review deals, and this also makes your deal available to the many other members who are looking to invest and partner deals. Please update your posting if you find someone to partner your deal. Members, feel free to reach out to posters if you are interested in partnering the deal.

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