New Name – Same Great Education and Tools

The Cash Flow from Land (CFFL) education package has been combined with the Data2Doorstep tools and renamed “Membership.”

We have created 5 levels of membership: Green, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Black. Green is free. Silver is $250 per month and replaces data2doorstep (you don’t need both, they are the same). Gold, Platinum & Black have not been released. Details are here.

Each level includes more professional grade tools to help our members complete real estate investment transactions effectively and efficiently. They are designed to save you time and money, i.e,(replace staff and software fees).  We no long longer provide the tools without the education and vice versa. New members must purchase $10K for Life; Cash Flow From Land with the monthly subscription tools bundled together and called “Membership.” If you have purchased the Cash Flow from Land program already and want to become a member please contact via email in our office for the link.

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