What do I do if my APN’s from RealQuest look like this: : 5.01E+11 (scientific) and need to look like this 500734000000 (a real number)?

The source of the problem is not RealQuest, it’s MS Excel and specifically “Auto Scientific number formatting.” If you go to any given cell and get in edit mode (F2 in Windows) you will see the real value of the cell. Put this character ‘ in front of the value. It’s the apostrophe character next to the enter button on the keyboard. It formats the cell as “text” not a number so you can see and now use the data correctly.

BEFORE: 5.01E+11 (they are all like this in the sheet).

AFTER: 500734000000 (they are really all different).

Try downloading in CSV format or ASCII instead of the XLS*. With already downloaded data, there needs to be that apostrophe in front of the number in all of the cells. Take a look on Youtube about how to auto update excel fields using Macros.

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