Are there instructions for the data?

Membership is the collection of tools we use to purchase undervalued property. Like all tools, they come with instructions. The instructions are within the Cash Flow from Land program. Only with that foundation can RealQuest, bulk mail printing, and the other benefits of membership be effective. 

If you follow the program, via screenshots Steven shows exactly how to pull lists and what options he selects. He goes over all of the optimal settings and information that pertains to what we teach at Land Academy. We’ve even had members who set up multiple screens so they can pause and follow along to complete each step. 

There is additional information located in  Land Investors (Success Plant) from members who have gone through the same thing (and us at LandAcademy) and have shared their tips, steps, screenshots, and videos. If you search keywords like “RealQuest” or “CoreLogic” it brings up all pertinent postings. Feel free to post your own questions. 

You will find additional resources online and via YouTube.

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